color melting.

So…I’ve been doing my research and apparently hair stylists call this “hair-melting”. I love it. I’m dying to do it(pun intended). While this can look very boho-chic and amazing, it can quickly look like you are on the prowl for your next heroin fix if it isn’t done right(a la Drew Barrymore and Ashlee Simpson).

Very few people are to be trusted with my hair, especially when it involves bold color.  I’ve had a few bleaching incidents many years ago that resulted in an orange tye-dye effect that only Gaga would love. I’ve narrowed down my options to Shyne Salon on West Alabama or Solutions on Westheimer. Either way, I will be sure not to leave the salon until I don’t look like I own a meth lab.


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3 Responses to color melting.

  1. Mas says:

    I’ll take a Rumi or Bilson, please.

  2. Miss Guammie says:

    here! here! I’m not a fan of my roots down to my ears. 😉

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