REPLAY in the Heights….

REPLAY- 373 W. 19TH St. #713-863-9344

Let me preface this by saying , I am not THAT vintage girl. The one that LIVES for all things vintage and heart flutters at the gasoline-like smell of lucite, or thinks that owls are “so friggin cute”.  Which I why I have a special place in my heart for this store.  It allows me to look at sparkly, amazingness without having to sift through mounds of crap to get to the treasures.

From the moment you walk into Replay, the smell hits you in the face. Mothballs and the 60s. Pure authenticity.  It simply is the grandmothers you WISHED you had’s amazing closet. Pristine Whiting-Davis purses and necklaces, 1960’s Japan neon beaded carnival bags, vintage corsets, trinkets that look like they have been taken right off the set of MAD MEN, it may take hours just to see everything.

Laura Levine, Debbie Neuman and Crazy Mike are usually there to give you a full-on explanation of anything you have any questions about. When finished, you are instantly an expert on whatever you just asked about.  You’ll have words like millefiore, micro-mosaics, and bakelite added to your vocabulary and impressing everyone you meet.

All I know is, If you ever wanted to know where Carrie Bradshaw got all her great stuff, its probably here.

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One Response to REPLAY in the Heights….

  1. Miss Guammie says:

    LMAO!!!!! Dead on!

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