Thierry Mugler. Womanity.

Let me start this off with, I’ve never met a Thierry Mugler scent I like. First, for the horrible 80s packaging. Next for the fact that apparently, as a company, they believe that every fragrance should start off with a offensive top note of Walgreens’ Vanilla Fields. I decided to rip off the spray sample from a magazine and give this a try because surely, 4 fragrances later the company would have a scent epiphany.

Its supposed to play on the sweet and savory. Caviar being the salt component. Fig as the sweet one. My take? Top notes of stripper. Middle notes of stripper. Finishing with a slight note of…yes….stripper. This fragrance did not take me to Sicily and remind me of the sea nor did it remind me of the bond of women’s femininity, which is its intention.  It reminds me of the scent that would linger in the back room of a strip club: heady, offensive, and drugstore-like cheap. If I didnt look at the bottle, I would assume there was glitter in it.

I’m not sure how this bottle got into production.  Apparently the guy at the boardroom that was supposed to say “Waaaait a minute guys, this bottle looks like Patrick Nagel had something to do with it.  Its complicated and dated. Lets re-think this” was out sick, I assume from a migraine from smelling this skank elixir.

Thierry Mugler is a no go for me.

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One Response to Thierry Mugler. Womanity.

  1. Miss Guammie says:

    HAHAHAHA! Reminds me of Grace Jones with that perfume in the movie Boomerang called “Strange.” (Stron-jay)

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